It’s been a couple years since I finished work after 9pm. Getting into bed now is strangeee (good strange). Gimme dat moneh 💷 #work #tired #crosstraining #vsco #vscocam #vscogrid #self volcan0-choir
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Cozy day in bed watching Gilmore Girls before going back to work tomorrow.
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Enjoy it while it lasts, trust me! You’ll be wanting to have the option to feel bored in 4th year!
This is very true. I get like this every year, then by November I’m a stress ball!
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whatlisasaid said: 5 months is too long, right?! i feel like it’s flown by, but also.. not. i still have so much to do to prepare for going back!

exactly! although I feel like I’ve prepared as much as I can without actually starting back. I love summer but my last hand in was at the beginning of April and I’m super bored now hahaha

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Beauty in the Breakdown // The Scene Aesthetic

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The guys are at a boys night out with work so tonight I’m eating rubbish and switching between reading my book and dancing around the flat in a tshirt. ‘Don’t’ by Ed Sheeran is my jam right now. I can’t say I ever liked his stuff, but this good for dancing around the living room in the dark to, I’m enjoying his new album! 

I need to go back to uni now before I go crazy. juliabeaumont

The Daily Express published this on the same day. Propaganda at it’s finest. Scotland, Vote Yes.
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